First to Offer Cloud Based Interpretation

Cloud Based Interpretation

Optimal system to guarantee a novel and comfortable service for clients and interpreters, providing the following benefits:

  • Provide remote interpretation, anywhere, for any number of languages and any size of audience.
  • Compatibility with Traditional Audio and Interpretation equipment.
  • Use the best interpreters in the world without additional logistics costs.
  • Technology developed by experts in the area, which guarantees your satisfaction

How Does It Work?

  • The speaker's audio is taken directly from the audio equipment in the room and transmitted to the interpreters.
  • The interpreter uses his laptop to listen to the speaker and interpret the audience.
  • Speakers and the public can use their phones, tablets, laptops, or receivers to listen to the interpreter.



Cloud Platform Features

We comply with and exceed all the technical requirements of the industry, by offering the best technology that guarantees clear audio and video as well as the fidelity and reliability of the connections

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When You Use This Platform?

know the different situations in which you can use the cloud based interpretation system.


Remote Interpreting Configuration

The system is flexible and can be configured according to the technical requirements of the event, with simple configurations using only mobile phones up to hybrid solutions to integrate professional audio, video and interpretation equipment.

Play this video to learn more about the benefits of our platform, as our C.E.O. Hady González explains it


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