Conference interpretation

We offer conference interpretation services for all sorts of conferences. Our business is based in Panama, but we have a robust network of translating and interpreting service to suit all of your needs. We have highly qualified interpreters to offer traditional onsite conference interpretation services and also through RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation). We also provide translation services. through our network of licensed translators.

We offer interpretation services in a wide range of fields of expertise ranging from highly sensitive topics such as national security or pharmaceutical research, all the way to marketing and public policy agendas.

Conference interpretation services are usually rendered in simultaneous modality, however; our interpreters are professionals and can also deliver long consecutive interpretation during breakout groups, or private sessions that sometimes are scheduled as part of a conference.

All of our interpreters have a great experience and training in several fields.  We also offer this service in many different language pairs.

Liaison Interpreter Services

Liaison Interpreters escort the client to a meeting, press conference, or event and deliver interpretation simultaneously, by whispering to the client in order to keep him/her in the loop during the meetings; or consecutively by taking notes and then delivering the message promptly and accurately to facilitate communication between the parties. In some assignments Liaison Interpreters use a combination of both modalities to render their interpretation.

In some cases, the interpreter will carry a portable interpretation device, this will help make all parties feel more comfortable because the interpreter does not necessarily has to sit next to the client to deliver the simultaneous interpretation through whispering, and may whisper to several clients instead of just one (ideal for diplomatic missions and small business meetings).

Cloud Base Interpretation

We offer remote simultaneous interpretation for conferences, workshops, business meetings, product launches, tours, and many other events through our own premium cloud-based platform.  This tool can help you create a more engaging experience for your audience while helping you save tons on travel expenses, logistical cost and lodging.

Cloud Based Simultaneous Interpretation (a.k.a. Remote Simultaneous Interpretation)  is the way forward in our industry, not only are we pioneers in Panama, but also in the region.  This modality will save the MICE industry millions of dollars in logistics, it will reduce the carbon footprint of our industry dramatically; and lastly it will provide clients with a globalized pool of interpreters from every field and in every language pair available.

Document Translation

We work with qualified and licensed translators in different languages and business fields. Most of our senior translators are specialized in highly technical subjects, they’ve gained their expertise through both, work experience and training.

Equipment Leasing

We offer a wide range of high quality & modern interpretation, video, and audio equipment; as well as other IT tools to suit all your business needs and keep your audience engaged.

Panama Interpreters also offers technical assistance for your event, such services are delivered by our team of highly qualified technicians who will support your staff during the conference.

Document Editing & Proof Reading

Languages are complicated, and certain documents can be highly technical or have grammatical errors that will send the wrong message to your target audience.  We work with qualified linguist to make sure your work is presented properly and professionally in order to help you reach your business goals.

Localization is key for your business, make sure your work is engaging and helping you to truly connect with your clients.

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