Use Cases

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Simultaneous interpreting for traditional conferences

When staging a large conference, there is no need for booths or interpreters on-site if you use our platform solution. The delegates listen to the remote interpreting with smart devices or can use traditional radio/IR headphones.

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Board and executive committee meetings

If board members do not share a common language or feel uncomfortable speaking a foreign language, the platform is an excellent solution to facilitate communication and create trust. No booths take up precious space and no interpreters have to be present in the room, which gives the meeting a more private and confidential character.

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Press conference

Press conferences are typically organised at short notice and language requirements are often not known in advance. Interpreters have to be flown in and be present just in case they are needed or people at the venue have to jump in trying to interpret doing their best.

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At seminars and workshops important know-how is conveyed. The participants might have a certain understanding of the presenter’s language, but only interpreting into their mother tongue will assure a correct understanding of the matter discussed

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Panel discussion

The Panama Interpreters platform can handle as many languages as clients require – remote simultaneous interpreting with up to eight languages in parallel and 16 interpreters online have been tested. The following example shows a panel discussion with five languages. As often happens in situations with many languages, a relay language, usually English, is used (in red).

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Guided tours

A simple solution, when the speaker and the audience are moving around, is to use smart-devices for both speaker and listeners

The host can either carry a wireless hotspot or everyone connect directly to the public mobile network


Use the Platform in any scenario, all you need is an internet connection.

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